BFA, 1975, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; MA, 2008, DePaul University. Professional Experience: Fur Designer, Cross-cultural fashion education consultant/lecturer. Exhibitions: Ho Chi Minh City Exhibition Hall, Viet Nam; National Viet Nam Veterans Art Museum, Chicago, IL; Rice Gallery, San Jose, CA. Colombia College Library Chicago, IL. Harris Bank N.A, Chicago IL; Sullivan Gallery, Chicago Il. Noble County Art Center; Worthington, MN. Vogel Gallery, Red Wing, MN. Publications: Insistence on Hope Art Photography and Fashion Practice: The Journal of Design, Creative Process and the Fashion IndustryResidencies/visiting artist: Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. Zhejiang University Hangzhou, China. Seminars: Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Ministry of Exportation of Thailand, Bangkok; Chinese Traditional Opera Costumes and Stages Design School, Beijing; Quangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China; Beijing Fashion Institute, China.

Experience at SAIC

I am loyal to SAIC, I went to school here, the spirit of this place—a feeling as familiar as when I was a student—remains with me now, even as a faculty member. I am so fortunate to be surrounded with great coworkers, fellow teachers who value education and who both learn from and inspire me in my own practice. AND THAT is what keeps me here and urges me on to give back to the community at SAIC, because I feel fortunate to have them.

Personal Statement

My philosophy on teaching is that the relationship between student and teacher is so dynamic, you cannot just stand at the front of the classroom and tell a room full of kids that they have to do whatever you say. No, you have to get a feeling for where each person is—both in terms of their technical abilities and their creativity in thought—and work from there. I think successful teachers design a strategy with their students, to being them to the level that they both think they can meet. So for some students that many mean laughing a little bit, having a bit of fun. For others its seriousness coupled with compassion. You cannot treat all the students the same. They are so different, and you—as a teacher—have to understand that. I have taught in Thailand, Viet Nam, China... As a result of these travels, I've witnessed different approaches to teaching fashion design and construction. What it means to design a pair of pants in one country can feel very different than it might back here in Chicago. Yet we are all, at the end of the day designing clothes, there is something wonderful about how universal and yet specific the whole process feels.

Current Interests

Well, the feeling of excitement change, particularly in the Fashion Department. We have new faculty and visiting artists, people constantly bringing new ideas, fresh ideas, and, I love to be around that energy. It is one reason why I love teaching, I'm learning at the same time, you know? From my peers, and colleagues; AND that encourages a dynamic type of creativity, That's what I'm looking for; an environment that inspires both students and teachers to make, boldly. SAIC can be that place, THAT'S what keeps me here.


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