Instructor, Visual and Critical Studies; Art History (2011). BA, Writing and Literature,2002, University of Michigan; MA, Humanities, 2006, University of Chicago; MA in Visual and Critical Studies and MFA in Writing, 2010, School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Concurrent position: Web and New Media Editor, University of Chicago Press. Books: Theorizing Visual Studies: Writing through the Discipline (Routledge, 2012). Publications: The Believer, Chicago Review, Daily Serving, htmlgiant. Awards: Headlands Center for the Arts Artist-in-Residence; Summer Forum for Inquiry and Exchange.

Personal Statement

I enjoy cantilevering expectations within an exactingly intimate relationship between inquiry and performance. This sounds odd; language is a matte blush; I'm a bald impostor.

Current Interests

I'm presently interested in the disintegration and re-emergence of the cult of the oracle as it parallels the rise of neoliberalism, from phone psychics and cancer-riddled writers without health insurance to a resurgence of interest on the part of poets and pundits in the figure of Sophocles? Antigone and the literature of extinction and moral law. Shortly before her death, Susan Sontag made reference to the Elias Canetti play (Their Days Are Numbered) where everyone wears a locket inscribed with the date of their death; we're all screwed: I'm always trying to figure out by whom and to which ends, in order to file it in a drawer labeled, "humanistic inquiry."

Other interests: the history of capitalism and the capitalist imaginary; experimental forms of non-fiction writing, esp. those that situate the lecture or essay within the realm of performance; conspiracy and its relationship to narrative theory; critical theory minus academic entitlement; feminism and radical theories of embodiment; media and internet culture's rhetorical legacies; the development of working-class neuroticism; and the 1990s.

I also like watching re-runs of Roseanne and writing poems.


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