BA Photography, 2010, Columbia College Chicago. Exhibitions: Post Yes Bills, Roman Susan, Chicago; TAKE CARE, Tusk, Chicago; Dude... Heavy, South of the Tracks, Chicago; All I Can See From Here, South of the Tracks, Chicago. Books/Publications: TAKE CARE, The Chicago Perch; Ancestry Quarterly Issue 3. Bibliography:

Personal Statement

Justin T. Nalley is an artist living and working in Chicago, IL. In addition to his personal creative practice, Justin is the Director of Operations at Candor Arts, a Chicago based art book publishing company. Nalley has an eclectic history of professional art jobs ranging from education to the preparation of galleries and museums. With a BA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago, Justin has dedicated his personal work to exploring the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of healing and, adversely, suffering within humanity. His recent work incorporates painting, poetry and sculpture, combining the playful nature of his skateboarding roots with urban structural elements, ephemera, and craft. Inspired by his own journey to sobriety and belief that art is a conversation, Nalley's work opens lines of communication as a means to generate honest discussion about personal growth and discovery.


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