BM, 1991, DePaul University; MM, 1993, Northwestern Universtiy; DMA, 2005, Northwestern University. Exhibitions: High Concept Labs, Chicago; Ragdale, Lake Forest, IL; Mayne Stage, Chicago; Elastic Arts, Chicago. Publications: releases on Artco, Pan Y Rosas Discos, Public Eyesore, Bridge, Articular Facet, Pilgrim Talk, Creative Commons. Bibliography: Prepared Guitar blog; Squid's Ear blog; Chicago Reader. Awards: Meier Foundation Award, 2013.

Experience at SAIC

SAIC is a vibrant, intensely creative community, and the Sound Department is a hidden jewel.

Personal Statement

Julia A. Miller is a sound artist, guitarist, improvisor, composer, visual artist, curator, and educator. As a guitarist, Julia performs in the band Volcano Radar with Elbio Barilari, which has been joined by Edward Wilkerson Jr., Rollo Radford, Harrison Bankhead, Tim Davis, Lou Ciccotelli, and Avreeayl Ra. Volcano Radar moves fluently through a stylistic range from noise-funk improvisation to structured sonic forms. Julia has also performed in the avant electric guitar trio HKM with Mark Hardy and Reid Karris; the electroacoustic trio, Auris, with Eric Leonardson and Christopher Preissing; and the power quartet Gmleteye with Frank Abbinanti, Julian Berke, and Nick Alvarez. Julia is a founding member of the Chicago Scratch Orchestra with Jeff Kowalkowski and Dan Godston, and also a founding member of the artist collective Articular Facet, a multimedia opera working group. Julia is a frequent soloist and collaborator in experimental and avant garde chamber music.

Current Interests

Poetry and the voice live at the heart of Julia's work, and poetic documents as scores, performative objects, and new media poetics are part of Julia's ongoing exploration into the hybridization of voice, instruments, electronics, and video to create an organic whole from one source of material. To this end, Julia developed innovative courses for the School of the Art Institute: Song, History of Recorded Music, Sound Poetry and the Art of the Guitar. Julia also teaches Intro to Sound, Digital Recording and Editing, and Grad Advising.


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