Continuing Studies Instructor (1997). BA, 1974, Loyola University; M.Ed, 1980, Loyola University. Concurrent Positions: Faculty, DePaul University (1984); Open University, Jewish Community Center (1976). 

Experience at SAIC

The people in our classes truly enjoy themselves, and the more they enjoy themselves, the more relaxed and open they are to more and deeper learning. People become friends through our classes, and in doing so, bring the joys of the arts out to others. There is always more to learn, and what a fabulous place to do so is the Art Institute.

Personal Statement

As a speaker and a teacher, I love to share the adventures of art with others. The more we look at art, think about it, and talk about it with others, the richer and more exciting our lives become.

Current Interests

Art and music are all around us. Reading about art, music and theater, and listening more deeply to music helps me to engage with it further, and inspires me to share more about it with others. The plays, movies, symphonies, operas, and jazz that I encounter relate in so many ways to the other arts, and are a continual inspiration.

Certified Member of the Chicago Tour Guide Professionals Association. 


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