Continuing Studies Instructor (1997). BA, Liberal Arts, 1974, M.Ed, Fine Arts, 1980, Loyola University. American Conservatory of Music. Concurrent Positions: Faculty, DePaul University (1984); Open University, Jewish Community Center (1976). Publications: Hyde Park Herald, North Shore Magazine, Downbeat Magazine. Membership: Chicago Tour Professionals Association, 1997-present.

Experience at SAIC

The students are of all ages,and come from many places and from all walks of life. It is so enjoyable to have atmosphere in which people, regardless of their background, feel free to explore art and to talk about art. So many people in the classes become friends with others in the class,and that fosters and even more relaxed and fun atmosphere of learning.

Personal Statement

I try to devote my life to continuous learning. Each morning, before I allow myself to read anything in English, I study a few minutes of French, and look up a few words in Spanish, German, and Italian, including opera works. Every day I then read a saying of Confucius, a page about the saint of the day, and a line from Goethe's "Faust" in German and in English. Then I can study art history. I try to help instill in others a love of continuous learning and a growing appreciation about how art, architecture, music, theater,and film all relate to one another and, each in his own way, to each of us.

Actor-voiceover for stage, television, and radio. Instructor-speaker for many groups, schools, and universities including DePaul University (1984-present), Wright College, Edison College of Florida, Mt. Carmel High School, Jewish Community Centers Open University. Certified Member: Chicago Tour Professionals Association (1997-present). Has taken or led 16 art and music study trips to Europe.

Current Interests

Classical music, opera, jazz, theater, languages, travel, continuous reading, and the collection of the Art Institute itself.


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