Experience at SAIC

I think the thing I like most about being here is that I've met a lot of people from different walks of life and have tried to help them get started or to advance their skills in Digital Media. I like the fact that the campus is filled with free thinkers and is very open minded.

Personal Statement

I started out working as an Illustrator and moved into Digital Media continuing to work in Illustration, Design, and Imaging. My work is now centered in Post Production Imaging which is just another way of saying that I work most of the time in Photoshop. In the last several years I have been fortunate enough to work on a series of about twenty four murals which are permanently installed an the Lurie Children's Hospital which became the basis for the book Chicago Unleashed which I worked on with my colleague. I have as a result of this I have also done similar work for the Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind and Access Living. Our second book in what has become a series will be due out soon entitled Chicago Monumental. This has been the most gratifying work I have ever done as all the proceeds go to kids who can use the help.

Current Interests

My current interests are pretty much what they have always been, figure drawing, oil painting, Les Paul Customs and Fender Stratocasters.


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