Adjunct Assistant Professor, Writing (1999). BA, 1983, Northwestern University. Book: The Big Middle. Publications: Chicago Wilderness Magazine; Garden Design; Chicago Reader; Chicago Magazine. Awards: Audubon Award for excellence in environmental reporting.

Experience at SAIC

SAIC has provided the right atmosphere and support to blend my interests of art and science.

Personal Statement

I write stories, essays, and articles, and I collaborate on museum exhibitions and audio podcasts. Currently, I'm writing an ongoing, serialized novel for the West Coast literary website, Trop Magazine, and I'm working on a nonfiction book about my quest to find a species of plant or animal never seen before. I've been the vice president of a natural history museum, the co-host of a podcast on green living, and a newspaper columnist. I have a small urban farm in Chicago with apple trees, vegetables, and honeybees.

Current Interests

I'm interested in writing (and making other work) about nature because we ARE nature as much a part of the living swirl as are sparrows and snails and sturgeon. For me, to write about nature and the environment is to write about the human condition. Power, struggle, survival, lust, and family are all fair topics for a nature writer.


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