Adjunct Professor, Art History, Theory, and Criticism (1986). BA, 1973, California State University, Northridge; MFA, 1975, University of California, Los Angeles. Concurrent position: Founder, publisher, managing editor, U-Turn E-zine ( Books: A Survey of the Representation of Prisoners in the United States: Discipline and Photographs; Arboretum—A Utopia; Writing Pictures: Selected Essays. Publications: Obscura; The Journal; Afterimage; Exposure; Leonardo Online; Art Criticism; Dialogue. Bibliography: The Photo Review; New City; The Oxford History of the Prison; Pinhole Photographer. Collections: Smithsonian Institute Library; Museum of Modern Art Library; Documentation Mus'e Nationale, Paris. Award: Reva and David Logan Award in Photographic Criticism.

Experience at SAIC

The most fulfilling of experiences academically, and with the gift of so many bright minds to engage with, I have grown personally and intellectually over some 28 years at SAIC.

Personal Statement

I do scripto-visual artist books (such as "Tossed Rope Series" linked to this page), have published fiction (novels), in addition to my academic writings pertaining to contemporary art/photography. I am the Founder and Editor of The Dumb Ox, a quarterly art journal (1976–82) and of U-Turn (1982–present). I teach the History of Photography and a variety of contemporary theory courses. My approach to teaching is Socratic, encouraging discussion and questioning. I wish to develop the student's critical thinking. With my very diverse background covering photography, film, architecture, and fiction writing, I bring new perspectives into my course material. Click here to view my publications available on Amazon.

Current Interests

I am a passionate autodidact and read across a variety of disciplines to inform my art criticism and my fiction. My curiosity is endless and fuel it from many sources. Overall, my influences have been Phenomenology, Marixist theory, French poststructuralist theory.


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