Adjunct Assistant Professor, Visual Communication Design (2001). BS, Statistics, 1993, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey; MFA, 1997, Cultural Studies/Design, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey; MFA, 2001, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; PhD in History of Art and Design, 2012, University of Illinois at Chicago. Publications: Design IssuesBooks: Advantage (2001), We Are Being Born Into Opportunity (1997)Conferences: University of Chicago (MEHAT); History of Technology (SHOT); Popular Culture Association Conference (PCA/ACA); International Committee for the History of Technology (ICOHTEC). Awards: Fulbright Fellowship; Dean's Award, UIC; Information Design for Science, research grant, Sabanci University.

Experience at SAIC

Throughout the years, SAIC has served as an intellectual platform, a place of dynamic scholarly interaction, that contributed remarkably to my personal development as a designer and an intellectual. I have been lucky to take part in an excellent academic program that continues to enrich the intellectual lives of visual communication design students and contributes to design culture in a profound way.

Personal Statement

I pursue design at multiple levels: as a practitioner who probes and re-evaluates design foundations and principles and design's relationship with narrative and information, as well as a researcher who inquires about the role and significance of design in society. My current projects illustrate the convergence of my three roles as a design historian, practitioner, and educator. In the meantime, I am seeking to channel my design scholarship into design education by connecting scholarship and studio practice in dynamic and playful ways.

Current Interests

I am interested in visual and intellectual junctions between art, design, and science and how these three modes of thought picture our knowledge of the world. I am looking for points where art, design, and science show cognitive excellence in visualizing the observable and the visible, and in "making visible" the invisible.


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