Personal Statement

I construct large-scale tapestries from handmade fabric and wall paintings composed of repeating patterns. Brightly layered planes of color and texture created by overlapping units of felt or printed images on fabric, which appear as an abstract collision of cultural references and manipulated materials. Accumulation is essential to my process as a reference to the way we construct identity. Textiles allow me to comment on "belonging" because it occupies a domestic/bodily space—used for adornment, ritual and nomadic dwellings. Pattern has the ability to signify culture and communicates as a language of it's own. Pattern is the accumulation of many small parts that make up a whole, highlighting the gestalt rather than individual parts.

Current Interests

Yearly trips to Morocco influence my love of pattern, cultural intricacies and the Arabic language.

Feather structures, man made armor, fish scales, and shingles. Overlapping motifs that gradually get larger. Expansive patterns, implying infinity.


Disclaimer: All work represents the views of the INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS & AUTHORS who created them, and are not those of the school or museum of the Art Institute.