MD, 1998, Medical School of Warsaw; MA, 2003, PhD in Art History, 2013, University of Warsaw. Publications: In Love at First Sight Completely, Hopelessly, and Forever with Chinese Art: The Eugene and Agnes Meyer Collection of Chinese Art at the Freer Gallery of Art, A Journal for Museum and Archives Professionals 10, 3/4 (2014); Face to Face with Modernism: Stanislaw Szukalski in Chicago, 1913–1923, Ikonotheka 24 (2013); The Dealer and the Museum: C. T. Loo (1880–1957), the Freer Gallery of Art and American Asian Art Market in the 1930s and 1940s, Kunst sammeln—Kunst handeln (Vienna 2012); Archiving Dust, in Eva Ebersberger et al., The Ethics of Dust (New York 2009).

Personal Statement

Dorota Chudzicka is an art historian and curator working in Doha, Qatar, and Washington, DC. Through curating, research, and writing, Chudzicka's area of expertise revolves around the multiple modernisms at the onset of the 20th century and the history of collecting. Chudzicka is currently working on a book derived from her dissertation, From Modernism Towards Expression of National Identity: Stanislaw Szukalski's Concept of Art.


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