MA, 2004, Arizona State University; PhD, 2010, Emory University. Publications: Convocarte, Third Text, Critical Interventions, Leonardo Electronic Almanac, ISEA Conference Proceedings, Art South Africa, African Arts. Awards: Resident scholar, Wits Centre for the Creative Arts of Africa, Johannesburg; Mellon Decade Fellow, Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute



  • Repainting the Walls of Lunda: Information Colonialism and Angolan Art (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2016)
  • Essays on the History of New Media Art in Africa (current project)


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Current Interests

I'm currently researching the history of new media and old media in art production in Africa.

Thesis Advisees

  • Aisha Marie Muhammad (MA 2015): "Humanity is 'In The Red'": An Examination of Jelili Atiku's Performance Series
  • Matthew Alan Coleman (MA 2015): Remotely Nearby: Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah
  • Rebecca Schlossberg (Dual 14): The (Re)mediation of Media in the Fae Richards Photo Archive
  • Rebecca Hernandez (Dual 14): The Great White Silence: A Material-based Ontological View of Art Technologies in Antarctica


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