BA, 2002, Harvard College; MTS, 2006, Harvard Divinity School, 2006; PhD, 2017 (expected), University of Chicago. Publications: Le Muséon. Web Publications: Jacobin, Counterpunch, Inside Higher Ed, Religion Dispatches, the jonestown report. Reviews: Journal of Religion, Nova Religio (forthcoming).



  • "Vestiges of Partially Justifiable Paranoia: How the Illuminati Birthed 'German Biblical Scholarship'." Prepared for publication.
  • "The Spread and Scope of the American Illuminati Controversy, 1797–1802: New England Players on a National Stage." Prepared for publication.
  • "Re-evaluating Spelling and Pronunciation in Coptic: A Case for the Intervocalic and Post-nasal Allophonic Voicing of Obstruents." Le Muséon 125.3–4 (2012): 267–306.

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  • Variety, cryptic crossword "Troubled Times". Forthcoming.

Publications Reception

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Academic Presentations

  • Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting. Presenter—"Vestiges of Partially Justifiable Paranoia: How Anti-Illuminati Polemics Birthed 'German Biblical Scholarship'." Baltimore, MD (24 November 2013).

Academic Presentations Beyond the University

  • Nerd Nite Chicago. Lecturer—"So How Do We Know What Dead Languages Sounded Like, Anyways?" Villains Bar & Grill, Chicago, IL (28 April 2011).
  • Sex+++ Documentary Film Series. Introducer, Guest Facilitator for Equality U Post-film Discussion on Homosexuality and the Bible. Jane Addams Hull House, Chicago, IL (25 August 2009).

Media Outreach

Media Appearances

  • Background Extra. Empire 2.12 (airdate TBD).
  • Background Extra (moviegoer in scene with Johnny Depp; "Upscale Man" in cut scene). Public Enemies, dir. Michael Mann (2009).

Personal Statement

My broad swathes of interests stemming outward from the History of Christianity include:

  • the Christian Bible and its interpretation.
  • "Religion in America".
  • New Religious Movements (= a subdiscipline emerging from a mid-20th c. concern with "cults").
  • Contemporary sexual subcultures.

Additionally, as a professional and civic service, I publish actively on higher education reform, and occasionally provide informed commentary on religion in the public eye.

In the classroom, I teach from a strict social science perspective (e.g. historical and ethnographic analysis), but I very much hope that students integrate this knowledge into other aspects of their lives, from their artistic practices to social activism.

Also, I regularly attend cinema, purely as an appreciative audience of the arts.


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