BA, Politics, 2009, Oberlin College; MFA, ATS, 2013, SAIC. Exhibitions: Northern Spark, Minneapolis, MN; ISEA, Albuquerque, NM; Temple Gallery, Philadelphia, PA; The Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, MI; ACRE Exhibitions, Chicago, IL. Speaking Engagements: MAS CONTEXT, Artists on the Verge. Awards/Residencies: Prix Ars Electronica Honorary Mention in Interactive Art; John W Kurtich Scholarship; ACRE; 8550 Ohio.

Personal Statement

I make things that live in both geographical space and personal space.
I splice strange loops and curious passageways into existing networks.
I build ways to imagine new kinds of political agency.
I conduct field experiments.
My projects have strained (convoluted?) relationships with functionality.
I fold vast distances into small objects that often disappear.


Disclaimer: All work represents the views of the INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS & AUTHORS who created them, and are not those of the school or museum of the Art Institute.