BA in Sculpture and BS in Art History, 2005, Towson University, Towson, MD; Post-Baccalaureate in Drawing and Painting, 2011, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago; MFA, 2015, University of Pennsylvania. Exhibitions: The Institute for American Art, Portland, Maine; Vox Populi, Philadelphia; Cureent Gallery, Baltimore; Hanger H18, Brussels; Johalla Projects, Chicago; Comfort Station, Chicago. Collections: Joan Flasch Artists' Book Library at SAIC, Chicago.

Personal Statement

Headbanging Metal Head Feminist.

A new era of Extreme Metal has emerged. It is more intellectual, ideologically fractured and more visually and sonically experimental. It has transformed itself. No longer completely concerned with crude evil or a nihilistic disregard for "correction." This is not to suggest a complete break from the past. Signifiers of the Metal subculture are still crucial but now, it's personal, like death. While I am disconnected from Metal's past, I still channel a feminine mysticism from His history. I lore the willing audience into my fanatical sermon that points towards esoteric aesthetics and visual signifiers employed by Metal itself. I use fertile and cryptic symbols recognized by the Initiated while impregnating with a socio-political, sexual and gendered defiance. All, in which, aligns with this new era of Metal.

Ritual and repetition guide my meditative solitude of hand sewing and drawing. I use minimal but significant materials and the simplest of methods of attachment to enforce craft and vexillographic traditions while interlacing feminist thoughts, genderless pros and sexual innuendos. From the ashes of solitude, my flags and banners wail a feminist headbanger's conviction for reclaiming a woman's place in Metal culture. I encrypt my tenets through a visual script of Metal's enigmatic and tangled language. And through power poses, my women are immortalized in the ecstasy of birth all while encoded in Metal's systematic aesthetic. A new era of Metal is coming and as artist, Kembra Pfahler screams, "the future is feminine" and We are Metal as Fuck.


Disclaimer: All work represents the views of the INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS & AUTHORS who created them, and are not those of the school or museum of the Art Institute.