Personal Statement

Scientist + Biologist + Mycologist = Fun Guy. But seriously, my work and passion is in the study of fungi, specifically mushroom biodiversity. Here's why: Fungi are a critical cog in ecosystems because of their involvement in numerous symbiotic relationships and their importance to the carbon cycle due to their ability to decompose wood and other organic materials. We know all this despite knowing less than 5% of their biodiversity. Just imagine what more we could learn by exploring the un-described and un-studied 95% of fungi.

At SAIC I teach two courses in Organismal Biology:

  1. "Mushrooms, Molds, and Medicine" introduces students to the biology and diversity of fungi. Students also begin to understand how fungi impact their daily life and how to grow them for personal use.
  2. "Botany: Plant Biology"—As a mycologist, I have a broad understanding of plants and their biology because of their importance to fungi, and all terrestrial organisms. In this class we not only learn about their biology, ecology, and diversity, but also about how grow plants and their importance to humans.

Andrew Wilson, Basidiomycete diversity


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