Instructor, Architecture (2013). BA Architecture, 2008, Florida International University, Miami; M.ARCH, 2010, Florida International University, Miami; MA Design Criticism, 2012, University of Illinois at Chicago. Exhibitions: Chicago Architecture Foundation; University of Illinois at Chicago; Oakton Community College, Skokie; Miami Beach Urban Studios; Wolfsonian Museum, Miami Beach, FL; Van Alen Institute, New York. Publications: Ampersand; Architectural Research Centers Consortium; Fresh Meat; Luxury Home Quarterly; Making Waves. Awards: Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal, 2010; AIA Miami Architecture Student of the Year, 2006.

Experience at SAIC

Teaching at SAIC has been an incredibly rewarding experience because of the chance to exchange with like minded practitioners and optimistic students. The culture of collaboration between certain departments at SAIC also help facilitate the real dialogues that occur in architecture and design. The more that occurs the better the outcomes of work and exchange become. Our disciplines help frame our ideas, techniques and strategies; our exchanges with the outside world help us make those reality.

Personal Statement

AND/OR US is more a model of exchange than a typical architecture collaborative. We interact with different people in everyday practice, much like other architectural and design firms do. But we focus on our exchanges and not each others services to thicken the definition of what we do. So it's not just one thing or another, but and/or. AND/OR US is a method to address the changing players in our work, so it can be me and/or you and/or us. Life doesn't have to be convoluted and neither does architecture.

Pedagogical approaches to teaching architecture are also an incredibly active part of my own practice. The make up of my approach is equal parts empathetic and investigative meaning that I try to understand the work as the student does, while at the same time pushing it out of it's comfort zone towards new possibilities. I also transparently encourage the examination of theoretical and historical models in architecture, for the purposes of appropriation, understanding, case study, investigation and clarification. This method to project past the confines of a purely critical challenge of what is suitable or not looks to the individual as the main litmus of good work.

Architecture helps facilitate lifestyles, but it has a lot of "stuff" to do before that's the case. That "stuff" makes up our discipline in architecture and is central to our practice. We actively exchange tools, techniques and strategies with adjacent practices like art and technology to gain ground on making new shapes for the people we work with. Architecture is the most public practice and we do not disguise it as academic, specialized or private. Instead, we opt into the conversation with the city as a way to push a public profile, but most importantly to never dissociate from who, where and why we create.

Current Interests

BudCud, Sylvia Lavin, FAT, Greg Lynn FORM, R.E. Somol, Chris Ware, Reyner Banham, Nicolas J. Quintana, Peter and Allison Smithson, Sarah Whiting, Speedism, SANAA, Karl Marx, Bureau Spectacular, Aldo Rossi, Metabolism, Bruce Goff, Stanley Tigerman, Simon de Beauvoir, Marshal McLuhan, Dave Hickey, PIE Studio, Fred Keck, Eileen Gray, Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi, our contemporary era.


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