BS, Physics, 1998, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Master of Architecture, 2005, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC); PhD candidate, Art History, UIC. Awards: National Science Foundation IGERT Landscape Ecological and Anthropogenic Processes ("LEAP") Fellowship; UIC Dean’s Scholar Award. Recent Research: Late modernism, conservation and the environmental movement in post-WWII Chicago; Publications: Conservation Letters; Mas Context

Personal Statement

I'm committed to a disciplined, historically engaged, technologically expedient, interventionist attitude towards architecture and design. Building upon Hans Hollein's radical claim in 1968 that "everything is architecture." In my work I explore architecture as a mood and attitude as much as it is a building, place, or thing. My current research explores a long-term history of sustainability and environmentalism in the Chicagoland region by focusing on the origins of ecology in the late 1800s to the ascendancy of the Chicago Wilderness consortium today.

Getting at the heart of a burgeoning environmental ethic, a central concern of my research examines how the pursuit of wilderness fundamentally challenges the way we look at and design the urban environment. Granting moral and aesthetic weight to nature over humanity raises profound questions about the ecological side of the city where technical things, like bugs and soil conditions, can provide critical perceptions towards the landscape that have helped to amplify the uneasy relationship between people and nature. By taking a longue durée historical perspective of urban form at the crossroads of environmentalism and urbanism, I contend, opens the possibilities to more radically engage the paradoxes and contradictions that unfold when the wilderness ideal meets the expanding landscape of the contemporary city.


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