Jazz Studies Program, 1978, Arizona State University; BM in music, 1983, Northern Illinois University. Distinctions: composed and produced music for over 100 films and documentaries; more than 500 national commercials; song that reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100; recorded for Atlantic Records; published with Warner/Chappell Music. Clients: PBS; A&E; Biography Network; History Channel; The Onion / Yahoo; American Airlines; State Farm; Budweiser; Reebok; McDonald's; Exxon; Hallmark; Disney; Allstate; Cingular; Coors; Kraft; Sears; Corona; J.C. Penney's; Dean Witter; SC Johnson, and The Art Institute of Chicago.

Experience at SAIC

Allie n Steve Mullen is part of the Multicultural Affairs Committee and the Connectivity Committee of the DAG, and is one of two faculty advisors for the League of Extraordinary Genders. Mullen identifies as trans-feminine and "gender-mobile," prefers "they/them" pronouns, and works to be an ear and an advocate for the wide diversity of student identities at SAIC.

Personal Statement

My professional work—scoring film—requires that I quickly identify the unique creative vision of my clients, note the semiotic language they prefer, become fluent in it, and adapt myself accordingly while staying true to the highest standards. This has fine-tuned the ability to discern the personal aesthetic of the students I work with and the language to help open doors that will allow them to evolve in the direction that they are headed.

Current Interests

Working at the intersection of music and film, Mullen brings a nuanced understanding of the cultural role of music and the semiotics of musical expression to the classes they teach. Their deep love of American regional and popular musical styles and fascination with the cultural counterpoint of the American vernacular led to the creation of "A Yankee Clipper In Congo Square," an ambitious recorded mashup of American musical styles built around nine historic field recordings from 1929–59. A nationally recognized composer, music producer, and song writer who has composed music for over 500 national TV commercials and 100 feature length documentaries and independent films, Allie's n Steve's work has appeared in programming on A&E, PBS, The Biography Network, The History Channel, WTTW and NPR, and they have worked for clients such as American Airlines, Budweiser, State Farm and McDonalds. They are a founding member of the Gumbo Contrarians podcast.


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