Associate Professor, Arts Administration (1996). MFA, 1986, Academy of Fine Arts, Duesseldorf. Exhibitions: Jan Frohsorge Galerie for Zeichnung, Berlin; City of Chicago Open Studio Program; Anderson Gallery, Drake University, Des Moines, IA; INOUT, Prague; Media Academy, Cologne; Kunstpalast, Duesseldorf; SUNY New Paltz; Alfred University, NY; Art in General, NY; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Curator: Retrospectives, Gallery 312, Chicago. Commissions: Millennium Park Welcome Center, Chicago; Fire Station #3, Evanston, IL. Awards: Arts Midwest; Illinois Arts Council; CAIP; CAAP; DAAD; British Council.

Experience at SAIC

I have taught at SAIC since 1996, first as part time faculty across many departments, teaching and continuing to learn with undergraduate and graduate students both in the studio and theory areas. During that time I gained an invaluable understanding of interdisciplinarity that I deploy now that I am associated with the Department of Arts Administration and Policy in a full time position. I also worked as a part time faculty representative then and have served on the senate and other committees later, so I truly feel at home at SAIC.

Personal Statement

Journeying from sculptural work to diagrammatic practices, my interests evolved to include the mechanisms and policies that shape art worlds. Even though I am now associated with an MA department, I identify primarily as a visual artist. Under that umbrella I pursue a hybrid practice that includes reading, drawing, digital work, public art projects, installation, curation, editing and writing. I tend to have multiple projects underway at the same time, across various practices. Currently those include research and writing about Studio Critique, an ongoing series of interviews with artists that result in diagrams of individual practices, and an emerging interest in how cultural data can be created experimentally.

My website is a pretty extensive archive of my work, and I'm usually good about updating it. Please peruse it to see examples.


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