Senior, Painting and Drawing


I'm from the suburbs of Chicago. I'm currently a senior studying in the Painting and Drawing department at SAIC, where I am committed to abstraction, its history, and its discontents. This semester I also have been an intern in the Department of Prints and Drawings at the Art Institute of Chicago. 

About My Co-op Experience

My responsibilities in the department are to help pull works from the vaults and display them appropriately for classroom and patron visits. This means that I get to look at about 80 works during the two days of the week that I work in the department. When not working with the collection, I carry out research on contemporary Latin American art for the Contemporary Curator in the department. Our goal is to find key artists and works from this region that the museum should acquire. 

What I Learned from My Co-op Experience

I am sure that looking at the quality and quantity of work in the department will one day inflect my studio work. It is quite the hands-on art history experience. The collection spans centuries and media, and this internship gives me the chance to encounter artists and works that may be overlooked in the art history narrative. 

Working in the Prints and Drawings department energizes me to go back to my studio and continue to make paintings. While I may not decide on a career in curatorial or collection management work, I may desire for my objects to end up in a collection like that of Prints and Drawings. Seeing how collections are managed and produced is an invaluable resource for this endeavor. 

About the Employer

The Art Institute of Chicago collects, preserves, and interprets works of art for 1.5 million visitors annually from around the globe. Founded in 1879, it has approximately 300,000 works of art in its permanent collection, housed in eight buildings at the heart of Chicago. In addition to displaying the permanent collection, the museum hosts 30 special exhibitions and hundreds of gallery talks, lectures, performances, and events every year.

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