BFA 2013

Digital Kitchen

About My Co-op Experience

During my Co-op experience I worked with Digital Kitchen as a Creative Apprentice. My typical duties at DK consisted of designing and creating concepts for pitches, as well as working as an animator on jobs that were in production. I later continued working with DK after my apprenticeship as a freelance designer and animator on a wide range of projects, from broadcast commercials to content that went directly to the web.

For me the Co-op program was extremely beneficial. It gave me the opportunity to satisfy my remaining credits while gaining work experience with a wonderful company such as Digital Kitchen. I was very fortunate to have spent as much time with DK as I have. It was a great company to begin my career with, and much of that is owed to my start there as an apprentice through the Co-op program.

About the Employer

Digital Kitchen is a creative agency with offices in Seattle, Chicago and Los Angeles. Founded in 1995, the award-winning agency is a collective of artists and producers that focus on the creation of integrated connections between brands and consumers in converging media. Much of Digital Kitchen’s work has consisted of design, motion graphics and animation work within the commercial, network and entertainment industries. —Wikipedia

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