Bachelor of Fine Arts
Obama for America

About My Co-op Experience

My focus is in visual communication design, and I am also interested in advertising and photography. I had two Co-op experiences, one at a small advertising firm and my current one at a large organization—Obama for America. Working in two different environments opened my eyes to the variety of jobs available for students with a graphic design background. 

I work on the digital design team at Obama for America helping to design logos, interfaces, merchandise, and print materials. A few of my pieces have been produced, which was really cool. The team treats me as one of the employees, and I actually get to hands-on work. No getting coffee for the boss.

I also met the First Lady of the United States! She dropped by the headquarters when she was in Chicago, and I got to shake her hand.

What I Learned from My Co-op Experience

This internship not only helped me boost my design skills, but also taught me how a political campaign works and the importance of interdepartmental communication. I definitely improved my skills in communication, time management, and staying on top of things. I'm also more aware of politics and current affairs.

At first, I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the advertising and design world, but after my internships, I'm certain this is the route I want to take. My focus now is to develop an awesome portfolio and get into the world of advertising after graduation.

My advice to future Co-op students is to ask questions and take initiatives. The people who hire you are not only employers, but mentors as well. Asking questions about the industry and getting feedback on your work will only benefit you and your work. Also, if you have any suggestions or cool ideas, definitely speak up. You never know—your work might get produced. Most importantly, have fun!

About the Employer

Obama for America is the organization dedicated to the re-election of Barack Obama as President of the United States. Its headquarters are located in downtown Chicago.

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