BFA 2013

Ink Factory

About My Co-op Experience

As an Intern I worked on smaller scale projects for Ink Factory, including illustrations, social media posts, and even a 3-minute video for a non-profit organization. Since Ryan, Lindsay and Dusty all share ownership of Ink Factory, I got great and unique insights into the graphic recording world from each of them.

I have learned firstly how to graphic record. It's a skill that involves knowledge of design, type, and illustration. The team at Ink Factory couldn't have been more excited to teach me and share their expertise. I also learned the value of the artist in a corporate environment, and not to undersell myself.

About the Employer

Ink Factory is a graphic recording company based in Chicago, IL. Much of being a graphic recorder involves working on location at events, capturing live conversations, speeches, meetings, and so on. Ink Factory transforms dialogue into illustrated information.

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