Experience at SAIC

SAIC provided an environment where it was possible to meet the top professionals in my field, impress them, and then be hired by them after graduating! I learned a tremendous amount through my two-year graduate program and got to see and do some amazing things in the city and far beyond. I am still incredibly close to my teachers, classmates, and even many people who graduated before and after my class. The experience was intense and basically as inspiring as you wanted it to be. I’m still having fun with what I learned and plan to keep on doing so.

Personal Statement

For the past five years, I have been involved in a number of local and national historic preservation and environmental initiatives, and the majority of my work centers around bridging the gaps between green building advocates and preservationists. I have also worked on, and believe very strongly in, expanding preservation outreach to underserved communities and Latino communities, reaching a younger audience of potential advocates and focusing on local economies.

To be even more abstract, I am interested in changing the language of preservation, increasing meaningful outreach, and using new marketing strategies to make the rest of the world completely fall in love with, and become stewards of, vintage architecture, artifacts, and intangible histories.

Current Interests

Lately, I spend my time working to educate communities all over the city about their homes, putting together preservation-focused educational programming, writing about current contentious issues in preservation, listing a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places, researching African-American heritage on the South Side of the city, and conducting an architectural survey of a town on the North Shore.

In my free time (ha), a friend and I have begun planning local “repair sessions” based on an article I read about repair cafés in Amsterdam. Community Glue Workshop has the following goals: keep easily repaired items out of landfills, reduce consumption, empower people by showing them how items can be repaired (many truly just don't even consider this option when their Mr. Coffee is on the fritz), and building community by creating workshops where we all help out and problem solve. It’s a project rooted in sustainability—of both manufactured goods and of communities. I’m super stoked about this, and so far the support has been incredible.


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