Youngwook Nam (MFA 2012)

Youngwook Nam talks about using her undergraduate science degree to inform her visual communication design work.

Kyle Beachy (MFA 2005)

SAIC alumnus Kyle Beachy (MFA 2005) talks about how he developed his published novel The Slide while pursuing his degree.

Kyle Beachy

Kirstin Makela (BFA Student)

Kirstin Makela shares her co-op internship experience at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium.

Jon Satrom (BFA 2003)

SAIC is a hub for imaginative thinkers and practitioners.

Jon Satrom

Susan Kimball (BFA Co-op Student)

SAIC Co-op Student, Susan Kimball talks about her internship with West Supply Co., which has led to a permanent position with the company.

Susan Kimball

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