Student Support

When you send your student off into the world away from home for the first time, you want to know that wherever they’re going, they won’t be alone. You want to know that there will be someone there to help whenever there is a need. At the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), each student has that support. Each student has the shoulder of a network of faculty and staff to lean on whenever they need it. Our faculty, staff, and advisors are artists, designers, philosophers, writers, and scholars just like them. So they understand the thoughts your child is thinking and the issues they may face. Whether it’s some friendly advice on a difficult course, advice dealing with a roommate, or help dealing with a health issue, our advisors, faculty, and staff will help to guide them in the right direction.

Counseling Services

116 S. Michigan Ave., 13th floor

The mission of Counseling Services at SAIC is to assist students in meeting their emotional, psychological, and mental health needs and to contribute to a campus environment that facilitates the healthy growth and development of students. The service carries out its mission through three essential roles and functions including counseling and psychotherapy, consultation, and outreach programming. Four full-time, doctorate-level, licensed psychotherapists staff the service.

For detailed information visit the Wellness Center website.

Disability and Learning Resources (DLRC)

116 S. Michigan Ave., 13th floor

Disability Resources

The mission of the Disability and Learning Resource Center (DLRC) is to provide services and reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. We serve students diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities, mental health disorders, sensory impairments, and other physical and medical conditions. If you are aware of, or suspect that a disability or condition may be impacting your student’s academic performance, they can schedule an appointment to discuss accommodations that may help them.

If your student requires accommodations, we encourage them to begin the process before the beginning of each semester. In order to be eligible for accommodations, students must provide us with documentation of their disability or condition. The appropriate forms can be found in our office or on our website. We will then be able to work with your student and faculty/staff to coordinate and implement appropriate accommodations. We can also assist them in discussing their disability with instructors and provide information and referrals on topics such as disability rights and responsibilities, disability testing, disability-related community resources, adaptive technology, and government programs.

For more information concerning the disability accommodation process, documentation requirements, forms, and the grievance procedure, please contact us or visit the DLRC website to download the appropriate forms.

SAIC’s ADA/504 coordinator is Felice Dublon, Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs (or her designee), 36 S. Wabash Ave., suite 1204; 312.629.6800.

Learning Resources

The DLRC also provides various learning resources for SAIC students. For example, the DLRC can assist with individual academic assignments, basic study skills, reading comprehension strategies, written language skills, note-taking skills, organization strategies, and time management skills. Sessions at the DLRC are generally one hour in length and are tailored to each student’s unique learning style. The DLRC staff seeks to help students better understand their learning needs and offers guidance on ways students can effectively self-advocate for their needs in any academic setting.

Writing Center

MacLean Center
112 S. Michigan Ave., suite B1-05
Coordinator: 312.345.3588
Tutoring Suite: 312.345.9131

SAIC offers free, hour-long writing tutorials at the Writing Center, which is located in the basement of the MacLean Center. Tutors are available to assist all currently enrolled students with any stage of the writing process, including the following:

Students may schedule a maximum of two appointments per week; weekly standing appointments are available as well.

Health Services

116 S. Michigan Ave., 13th floor

As students focus on their art, Health Services encourages them not to overlook their physical and emotional well being. A healthy, balanced lifestyle will enhance their ability to explore and develop creative talents successfully. Art students have unique health concerns related to art hazards. Developing safe work methods, including an awareness of hazards posed by toxic materials, is an essential part of your student's evolution as an artist. Health Services' goal is to reduce potential health hazards and help students protect themselves by promoting safe art making practices through arts health and safety counseling, programming, and referrals. An informed student is empowered to create art in a safe and responsible manner that protects their health and the environment now, and for a lifetime.

For more detailed information about health services, immunizations, health insurance, and more visit the Health Services website.