This section provides a quick reference guide to important dates, forms, policies and guides that you and/or your student may need as they prepare for starting their studies at SAIC. Below we have provided you important dates to remember and the Policies and Procedures and Forms subsections also provide helpful quicklinks to important information and online forms.

Important Academic Calendar Dates

Fall 2015
September 2 Fall semester begins
September 7 Labor Day (no class)
September 15 Add/Drop ends
October 14 Winter 2015 Study Trip Registration begins
November 3 Last Day to withdraw from a fall course with a grade of "W"
November 17 Advanced Registration for undergraduates begins
November 25–29 Thanksgiving Break (no classes)
December 7–11 Critique Week
December 21 Fall semester ends
Winter 2015
January 4 Winter Interim session begins
January 5 Winter Interim Add/Drop Ends
January 14 Last day to withdraw from a Winter Interim with a grade of "W"
January 18 Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no classes)
Spring 2016
January 28 Spring semester begins
February 10 Spring Add/Drop ends
March 7–11 Critique Week
March 16 Summer 2016 Study Trip Registration begins
March 21 Summer 2016 Advanced Registration begins
March 24–27 Spring Break
March 30 Last day to withdraw from a spring class with a grade of "W"
April 12 Fall 2016 Advanced Registration for undergraduates begins
May 16 Commencement Ceremony
Summer 2016
May 31 Summer 2016 session begins