SAIC Degree Classes

ARTED 5106 Art in Community:
This course examines collaborations, which is a direct application of the theory and conceptual framework for community-based art programming. Participants investigate models for making art with community partners. Collaborative art endeavors include indoor site-specific work, installations, environments, performances, exhibitions, and special projects. Discussions reflect on ethics, aesthetics, and challenges of public art in community.

AIADO 4937 bLumen/Grow/Light Communities:
This course explores how art, architecture, and technology can fuse to create a flourishing environment that engages and connects with communities. Students will learn how nature inspires and reacts to design, while developing design proposals for horticultural grow-light pavilions. The course is a platform for interdisciplinary design approaches and envisions how design can transform and activate sites into fertile ground for creativity, innovation, and social interaction.

ARTED 4025 The University of Hip-Hop (UHip-Hop), Global Hip-Hop Activism, and Pedagogy:
This course examines existing hip-hop programs and empowerment initiatives in the global hip-hop diaspora, creating a communication channel with existing practitioners and examining the work of programs throughout the seven continents. Through action and research, participants work in solidarity with local hip-hop activists to support and activate existing and new hip-hop community projects in Chicago.