Community Programs

Our programming responds to community members’ interests and aspirations. Requests for instruction and job training in graphic design, fashion, and sound editing have inspired recent pilot offerings. Programs focusing on teens, intergenerational and senior classes, graffiti, hip-hop, and public and accessible art allow residents, students, and artists to make their art relevant to—and elaborate on—what North Lawndale is, was, and will be.

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Offerings have included:

Management Studio
An art-in-culture-based management project geared toward 18 to 24-year-olds to develop art management skill sets and facilitate discussion around cultural leadership, philanthropy, and how the arts and nonprofit system works in Chicago.

Inside Innovative Minds
An eight-week-long after-school program for 10 to 15 students from North Lawndale’s DRW College Prep, an SAIC neighbor in Homan Square. This course introduces students to research strategies and shows what it looks like to be a creative professional in Chicago.

That Reminds Me of a Time
Geared toward an intergenerational group ages 12 and up, this program asks participants to think about what it means to tell a story, how a story can be told, and what it means to share experiences with others through writing, live presentation, and digital archiving.

The Art of Graffiti
A youth course based around how art and graffiti can create a fun and welcoming place for people to come together, how art can be used to start conversations, and ways to earn money through art. Students design and complete an outdoor mural in a group, create painting projects for the Homan Square Community Center, and produce individual drawings, paintings, illustrations, or graphic designs. 

You Be You Fashion Studio
In this course for youth ages 14 to 18, students learn the basics of screenprinting and use that knowledge to create original designs and screenprint them onto clothing. Basic sewing and clothing alteration is also introduced to help participants customize their own wardrobe.

Art Institute Museum Field Trip + Tour for Seniors
Continuing Studies hosted a group of North Lawndale seniors on a tour of the Art Institute of Chicago’s galleries, where participants observed and discussed works of art.

Food, Art, and Storytelling
This course for seniors at Lawndale Christian Health Center used group discussions about food, recipes, and related memories as inspiration for the development of individual recipe cards and a corresponding group mosaic painting.