Visiting Artists and Scholars

The Sound Department maintains a robust roster of visiting artists and scholars who, in addition to giving presentations about their work, interact with the students in the form of individual studio visits, roundtable discussions, and workshops.

This year's visiting artists include:

Laetitia Sonami
Sarah Hennies
Florian Hecker
Samson Young
James Webb
Walter Kitundu
Olivia Block

In recent years the department has hosted the following artists and scholars:

Anri Sala

Jennie C. Jones

Christine Sun Kim

David Grubbs

Jennifer Walshe

Peter Cusack

Pamela Z

Christoph Cox

Ikue Mori

Francisco Lopez

Tara Rodgers

Samson Young

Jaap Blonk

Hildegard Westerkamp

Maja Ratkje

Stefan Roigk

Christof Migone

Audrey Chen and Phil Minton

Malcolm Goldstein

Rodrigo Cadiz

Thessia Machado

Carsten Seiffarth

Vincent Barras and Jacques Demierre

Darcy Neal

Michele Spanghero

Ryan Ross Smith

Arnold Dreyblatt

Rafael Toral

Amnon Wolman

Birgit Ulher