Arts Administration and Policy

Systems. Cultures. Futures. Strategies.

The Arts Administration & Policy department is structured around the values of collaboration, teamwork, creative leadership, and a dynamic process of reflection, all of which are central to excellence in arts administration. We are not a traditional arts administration program: our approach starts with the arts, and we see arts administration as a creative practice. We are both an academic program and a hub of critical activity.


Our core commitments include:

  • Working closely and intensively with artists, arts & cultural organizations, and beyond

  • Actively promoting ethical practice, and addressing key issues of equity, participation and diversity

  • Advocating for the centrality of the arts and culture in everyday life

  • Developing new individual and collaborative approaches to learning

  • Thinking experientially, critically, and politically

  • Creating positive impact through work in arts and culture, re-framing arts administration practice at the intersection of the arts and social justice.

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