Ilona Gaynor Interviewed about her Work in the St Etienne Design Biennale

April 28, 2017
Stage Set, Tail Fin Detail – The Ascent: A play by Ilona Gaynor 2017 Copyright

As one of the five curators alongside Olivier Peyricot, Joseph Grima, Alexandra Midal and Jerzsy Seymour; the St Etienne Design Biennale opened exhibiting a total of 7 exhibitions; displaying over 100 works commissioned and curated around the theme of Working Promise. AIADO faculty member, Ilona Gaynor's, new piece and curatorial entitled The Ascent; a theatre play, devises the breakdown of work place politics in the narrowing (deadly) margins of time and space.  Gaynor was recently interviewed by Régine Debatty, writer, curator, critic, and founder of about her work for the Bienniale.  

See the full interview here.