May 28, 2013

Standout Style

“The gloomy, rainy weather didn’t stop the annual...School of the Art Institute of Chicago fashion show from being a huge hit,” said Factio magazine writer Mellissa Maynard. “The creativity of each designer had the audience and myself in applause.” In the article posted on May 14, Maynard zeroes in on a red ruffled dress by Erika Landry (BFA 2014), comparing her “sophisticated and edgy” design to a look by the iconic Alexander McQueen. On May 15 Chicago Reader contributor Vera Videnovich also spotlighted the “fine handworked details” in Elizabeth Alice Crum’s (BFA 2013) crocheted Moby-Dick inspired collection. “On my annual trek to THE WALK I'm always looking for work that includes some time-consuming, hand-constructed fabrics,” she says.