June 7, 2013

Short Film Reveals Alumna’s “Enormous Talent”

On May 31 Chicago Tribune movie critic Michael Phillips spotlighted SAIC alumna Anahita Ghazvinizadeh (MFA 2013) and her “quiet but enormous talent.” Ghazvinizadeh recently received the Cannes Cinefondation Prize for Needle, a 21-minute short film that Phillips calls one of the best movies at this year’s prestigious film festival. The film, which centers on a sixth-grade girl as she gets her ears pieced alongside her squabbling parents, “is a beautiful, simple and grimly funny depiction of how marital strife sends emotional shrapnel flying directly into those who are simply trying to get through another argument alive,” Phillips says. Ghazvinizadeh, who continues to be covered in a growing litany of news items, triumphed over 1,550 entries submitted from 277 schools worldwide to win the Cinefondation Prize. The Iranian filmmaker received $19,500 and a guarantee that Cannes will screen a feature-length film she creates in the future.