June 4, 2013

SAIC at the Venice Biennale

On May 17 dis magazine highlighted projects by alumni Andrew Norman Wilson (MFA 2011) and Jon Rafman (MFA 2008) at the Palazzo Peckham during this year’s Venice Biennale. A “live space for new ideas and co-production” supported by Bloomberg, the Palazzo Peckham experience is integrated with the project’s ArtStack website, enabling audience engagement and participation and serving as a live channel for the Palazzo Peckham in-house team. The venue (pictured) features a series of interiors commissioned from international artists, including Rafman’s O’Keeffe Waiting Room. In Art Fag City’sVenice Biennale Satellite Event Preview” published on May 28, writers Paddy Jonson and Corinna Kirsch (MA 2009) highlighted Wilson’s live presentation of Stock Fantasy Ventures, which coincided with the release of the Stock Fantasy Ventures Executive Summary Pamphlet and the debut of the first Stock Fantasy Venture, featuring actress Lena Taege and shot by cinematographer Mikko Gaestel.