Detailed watercolors by Peggy Macanamra detail the annual migration of birds and insects.
July 25, 2013

Flight Plans: Peggy Macnamara on "Chicago Tonight"

On June 24th Chicago Tonight host Phil Ponce sat down with SAIC professor Peggy Macnamara (Painting & Drawing) to discuss her new book of watercolor illustrations, The Art of Migration. Macnamara closely studies the migratory patterns of birds and insects at the Field Museum where she is artist-in-residence and associate of the zoology department. Her detailed works capture birds and insects along their annual 600-mile migration across the Mississippi Skyway, which intersects with Chicago’s lakefront. Macnamara is also the author of Painting Wildlife in Watercolor, Illinois Insects and Spiders, and Architecture by Birds and Insects. The program’s website features a vivid image slideshow and a pdf excerpt from The Art of Migration.