Designed Object Students Debut Drinkware at Sight Unseen Offsite

Sight Unseen Offsite

Students from the Designed Objects program will be taking over the Canal Street Market in New York City as part of Sight Unseen Offsite exhibition. Now in its fifth year, this iteration of Sight Unseen Offsite will underscore collaboration and category-fluid design, and it will be spread across New York to fully engage the city.

As a leader in contemporary design, both undergraduates and graduates will be showcasing their work—a collection of ceramic drinkware guided by Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects (AIADO) Pete Oyler and AIADO Lecturer Jonah Takagi—alongside industry legends. SAIC students participating in Sight Unseen Offsite include, Ana Maria Buitrago (BFA 2018), Yuting Chang (MFA 2019), Ben Paul Harle (MFA 2018), Ramón Jiménez Cárdenas (BFA 2018), Kazuki Anno Guzman (MFA 2019), Natalie Rachel Khelif (BFA 2019), Hun Seung Lee (BFA 2018), Nate Patrick Phillips (MDes 2018), Travis Rukamp (MArch 2019), Jacob Samuel Schwartz (BFA 2018), Kevin Solis (BFA 2018), Mingxuan Tan (BFA 2018), Xinda Wang (BFA 2018), Marco Wu (BFA 2019), Kai Ming Yang (MDes 2019), and Saebom Yang (MDes 2019).

Check out Architectural Digest’s write-up to learn more about the event.

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