June 7, 2013

Dan Devening, "Chicago's Art World Pioneer"

In the June issue of CS magazine, writer Jessica Cochran spotlights “one of Chicago’s most respected artists, curators and educators,” SAIC faculty member Dan Devening. Six years ago, Devening established his own gallery in Garfield Park, prompting the evolution of a “much-buzzed-about” community of artist-run spaces, studios, and creative startups on Chicago’s West Side. As curator, Devening favors “rich exploration and a sensuous intellect,” says artist Dianna Fried, and represents a group of artists focused on shared aspects of materiality, color, and minimalism. “Incorporating into his program fresh young talent like recent School of the Art Institute graduate Alex Valentine (MFA 2011) alongside art world veterans like European Volker Saul, his meticulously curated exhibitions are as much about ideas as they are about sales,” Cochran says.