'Hot Rod' by Orly Genger enlivens Chicago's lakefront.
\'Hot Rod\' by Orly Genger enlivens Chicago\'s lakefront.
November 27, 2013

Chicago Tribune Spotlights Alumna’s Hand-Woven Public Installation

On November 25 Chicago Tribune contributor Meredith Rodriguez detailed Hot Rod, a 250 ft. long installation by alumna Orly Genger (Post-Bac 2002) set to inhabit Chicago’s lakefront trail at Monroe Street and Lakeshore Drive. The large-scale, site-specific work is constructed from thousands of feet of hand-woven, repurposed lobster rope and covered in red paint. Genger received $65,000 from the Chicago Park District to complete the work, which joins several other installations placed this fall along major Chicago boulevards. Genger says she’s excited to install the work just down the street from her old studio at SAIC. “There's something very exciting about putting work in an area where you know that people are going to come by and people are not going to expect to see art," she says. “I can't control how people will feel about the work, but I hope that it encourages people to explore the area in a new way or see it in a new way."