Alumni Exhibition Receives Continued Attention

Time Out Chicago featured Sic Transit Gloria Mundi by Industry of the Ordinary creators Mathew Wilson (MFA 1993) and Adam Brooks (MFA 1989).

A View of Mambo Mountain

Caroline Picard of Art21 explored mambomountain, an exhibition of large-scale oil and acrylic paintings by SAIC faculty member Candida Alvarez.

Time Out Consults “The World’s Foremost GIF Scholars” from SAIC

The Oxford American Dictionary bestowed the title “Word of the Year 2012” to “GIF,” the short, looped animations disseminated through popular Internet channels.

The “Cuddly” but Controversial Chicago Imagist

Despite naming Roger Brown the most “cuddly” among the Chicago imagists, the Wall Street Journal notes the artist “was also something of a crusader."

A “Heard” of Soundsuits to Invade Grand Central Station

Hyperallergic announced SAIC Fashion faculty member Nick Cave plans to populate Grand Central Station with a herd of his animated Soundsuits.

Gene Siskel Film Center Named Best Alternative Movie Theater in Chicago

The Huffington Post selected SAIC’s Gene Siskel Film Center as one of the city’s Best Alternative Movie Theaters.

Out of Exile

“Grafitti Writers Return from Exile,” published by the Examiner on January 15, details the creative career of SAIC alumnus Mario ZORE Gonzalez Jr. (CS 1989–94).

The Reluctant Minimalist

New York’s Villager Writer Gary Sharpiro consults David Raskin on the opening of Donald Judd’s former home and studio this spring.

Naturally Artistic

the January 16 edition of the Chicago Tribune featured SAIC faculty members Susan Kraut and Richard Deutsch.

Twisted Fairy Tales

Chicago Sun-Times spotlighted January’s Rhinoceros Theater Festival, featuring SAIC alumna Jayita Bhattacharya (MFAW 2006).

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