New York Times Spotlights SAIC Alum’s Work at the Walker Art Center

The New York Times featured the work of Martine Syms (BFA 2007) at the new conceptual art pop-up store at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

The New Yorker Features SAIC Alum’s Recent Work

The New Yorker online features Assaf Evron’s (MFA 2013) photographic series

Chicago Tribune Spotlights MFA Candidate’s Merging of Art and DJ Practice

The Chicago Tribune spotlights MFA candidate Sadie Woods and her merging of artistic practice with a long-existing passion for DJing.

MAAAP Student Awarded Self Employment in the Arts (SEA) Prize

Current MAAAP Candidate Alexia Jacques Casanova has been awarded SEA prize in the Idea Pitch Competition for Creatives.

SAIC Alum and Faculty Member’s Fashion Garment Project Gathers Interest

The recent fashion project of faculty member Abigail Glaum-Lathbury (BFA 2006) and SAIC Alum Maura Brewer (BFA 2006) is gathering attention.

Chicago Tribune Features Design Studio of MFA Student Nick Butcher

The Chicago Tribune spotlights print and design studio of MFA candidate Nick Butcher and his partner, Nadine Nakanishi.

SAIC Alumni Launch Campaign to Open Community Art Education Center in Andersonville

Stephanie Preston (BFA 2013) and Jean Cate (BFA 2013) recently launched a campaign to open a community art space in Andersonville

A New Graduate Student Scholarship Has Been Created in Memory of Barbara DeGenevieve

Daniel Berger, a member of SAIC’s Board of Governors, recently established a scholarship in memory of the late Barbara DeGenevieve.

DailyServing Interviews SAIC Alum About her Recent Work

Shanti Grumbine (BFA 2000) speaks to DailyServing about her recent work that deconstructs and transforms print media and journalistic sources

The Huffington Post Features SAIC Alum and Fashion Designer Geoffrey Mac

The Huffington Post speaks with SAIC alum Geoffrey Mac on what it means to be a queer designer and why “fashion is for everybody.”

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