Request a copy of your medical records

Written authorization is required in order for the Office of Health Services to release medical information from a student's file. To obtain materials from your chart, complete and submit (either via fax, mail, or in person) the Health Services Information Release Form [PDF].

Requests by mail:

Mail a copy of your completed, signed release to:

SAIC Health Services
116 S. Michigan Ave., 13th floor
Chicago, IL 60603 

Requests by fax:


Please address requests to: "Attention: Medical Releases."

The usual turn around time for copies is five to seven business days.

In-person requests:

If you arrive at the Office of Health Services in person requesting a copy of your records, please be prepared to show identification. Your medical record cannot be released without proper identification.

For more information, please call 312.499.4288.

Requests by email: