Living in the residence halls offers many advantages ranging from its close proximity to campus to its community of more than 700 artists, designers, and scholars, to awesome facilities that include a 24-hour studio space and gallery space. And do not forget the convenience of making a single bill payment versus the multiple bills covering rent and utilities that off-campus students have to manage.

Housing 2018–19

We hope you join us on campus for the 2018–19 academic year. Please check back later this year for more information on housing renewal.  Application for housing are expected to open in March 2018-2019

Summer Housing

Staying with SAIC this summer is a great opportunity to be close to classes and seasonal Chicago fun. We have affordable options for three-week and six-week classes as well as the entire summer. Applications will open in early April 2018.  Please submit your electronic contract via and make your $150 summer prepayment.

Housing Options for Returning Students

Sign up at the Buckingham

SAIC has leased space at the Buckingham for the upcoming academic year and we want you to find your home at "The Buck." The Buckingham offers apartments for two to five residents with shared or private bedrooms, along with a living room and full kitchen. This is a great opportunity for you to live with friends and still have your own private space, a great alternative to single room options.

Sign Up for Gender-Neutral Housing

Gender-Neutral Housing is an option for current SAIC students.

What is Gender-Neutral Housing?

Gender-Neutral Housing (GNH) creates an inclusive environment where students can live in the same room with any other student regardless of legal sex.

Why do people live in GNH?
People choose to live in GNH for many reasons. For some students, it is based on their gender identity or sexual orientation, while others simply want to live with close friends of different genders. The decision to live in GNH doesn't mean anything about someone's identity or personal life.

What process was used to develop this option and why?
Residence Life staff did a great deal of research into Gender-Neutral Housing and solicited Resident Advisor input to create a proposal. We created our own policy that will suit the needs of the SAIC community and provide our students with the most supportive living arrangement possible.

How will GNH work?
During housing renewal, current SAIC students will be able to choose a room based on their preferences, as long as they fill all spaces: two for a double, three for a triple.

Who will be eligible for GNH?
This option is available for SAIC on-campus students.

There is no limit to the number of rooms set aside for Gender-Neutral Housing. Any room, on any floor, in any of our residence halls may be chosen by a group of students (e.g., three for triple, two for double), regardless of gender.

How do I apply for GNH?
Upper-class students can select the Gender-Neutral Housing option during the Housing Renewal Fair, held every March. Students must mutually agree on living together and fill the room requested to full capacity (e.g., two for a double, three for a triple).

What happens if my roommate in Gender Neutral Housing moves out?
When a student moves out of the room, the remaining student will have the opportunity to select a new roommate. If a new roommate is not chosen, that student will receive a roommate of the same legal sex.

Will you prevent people who are romantically involved from living together?
We respect and honor the privacy of students, so we do not require students to disclose the reason for their roommate requests in any instance.

What other institutions offer GNH?
Over 150 campuses nationwide offer a GNH option, including many AICAD institutions. Here are just some of these institutions:

Brown University
Lake Forest College
Maryland Institute College of Art
Northwestern University
Oberlin College
Pratt Institute
Rhode Island School of Design
Roosevelt University
San Francisco Art Institute
Southern Illinois University
Stanford University
The University of California
The University of Chicago

For more information on Gender Neutral Housing in higher education, visit