SAIC Health Services
116 S. Michigan Ave., 13th floor

The mission of Health Services is to support your overall wellbeing and development. The staff provides many services geared toward maintaining and improving students' health while they are in the SAIC student community. You can visit Health Services for general first aid, over-the-counter medications, and condoms. Health Services can also assist you with your insurance plan and provide referrals and information on a range of health topics.

Michigan Avenue Immediate Care (Non-Emergency)
180 N. Michigan Ave., suite 1605

Immediate Care facilities will see first-time patients very quickly, and no appointments are necessary. If you do not have a doctor elsewhere but have a concern or condition that does not require a trip to the emergency room, you can visit the Michigan Avenue Immediate Care clinic. They also provide many comprehensive test services and address women’s health issues and sexually transmitted diseases.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital Emergency Room
251 E. Erie St.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital is the closest hospital to SAIC. It is one of the best level-one trauma centers in the country; however, you may want to keep in mind that an emergency room (ER) visit can be very expensive. If possible, consult with a staff member, SAIC Health Services, or your doctor if you are unsure if your health concern warrants a trip to the ER. If you get sick or are injured while on campus or in the residence halls, notify SAIC staff right away, and they will assist you in getting treatment as quickly as possible.

Planned Parenthood of Chicago

1200 N. LaSalle St.

18 S. Michigan Ave., 6th floor

1152 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Planned Parenthood provides reproductive healthcare, family planning, and birth control information and services. Call to schedule an appointment.