Interested in hiring our students or alumni? We offer two ways for you to connect with them: a job posting service accessed directly by students and alumni and our Cooperative Education Internship Program (Co-op).

Post a Job

Post freelance, full-time, part-time, and volunteer positions free of charge. Visit SAIC Launch to register your organization and post your position. If you are an individual looking to post a commission or freelance project, register as a business and simply post your name in the business name field.

You do not have to be located in the Chicago area to post a job with us. Our jobs database is accessible to students and alumni all over the world.


Visit SAIC Launch or contact us at: 312.499.4130 or

Participate in the Cooperative Education Internship (Co-op) Program

SAIC's Co-op Program enables employers to hire interns for art-related work experiences.

Co-op employers supervise students in the development of job skills beyond those taught in the classroom setting and assign tasks that expand professional expertise. This required supervision is integral to student mentorship and the basic mission of the Co-op Program.

Co-op is a class, for which students pay tuition and earn course credit.

During the fall and spring semesters, students work an average of 14 hours per week for 15 weeks and during the 12-week summer semester, an average of 18 hours per week.

To be considered for participation in the Cooperative Education Internship Program, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out a Co-Op Employer Profile [PDF] and return it to the Co-op office by email (, fax: 312.499.4131, or mail to:
    SAIC Career + Co-op Center
    116 S. Michigan Ave., suite 1400
    Chicago, IL 60603-3103
  2. Once your profile is reviewed and approved, we will send you a contract confirming your participation in the program and your understanding of our business policies.
  3. Once the signed contract is received, we will list your position and send qualified students. Based on the parameters you specify in your profile, students will contact you to introduce themselves and send their résumés for your consideration and will look to schedule an interview directly.

Expectations during the semester:
Schedule, salary, if applicable, responsibilities, etc., should be discussed directly with the student.

The following are our checkpoints during the course of a semester. Upon listing a position, employers are expected to participate and/or complete the following:

The acknowledgment confirms the terms of the internship that you have agreed upon with your student. Please sign and return.


For further information contact the Career + Co-op Center

Monday through Friday: 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
116 S. Michigan Ave., suite 1400
Phone: 312.499.4130

Examples of Co-op Employer Types

The Cooperative Education Program has relationships with several hundred Chicago area companies, organizations, artists and institutions. Every academic year, Co-op places more than 500 SAIC students in internships across the city and suburbs. Co-op can also help to arrange internships for credit outside of Chicago.

Please see the attached document of Employer Types [PDF] for examples of the types of companies and artistic disciplines we work with.

Co-op Employer Testimonials

Students’ Areas of Strength

“[He] has a genuine interest in the generative processes of art making. He is careful, skilled, and works hard. He has been a fabulous studio assistant this semester—contributing in multiple ways to the making of art, participating in conversations about developing work, commenting on editing decisions of a new video, critically listening to lectures about work and giving feedback, and being part of the critical dialogue about art and ideas within my studio context!!!!!!!” -Anne Wilson

“[She] approached all projects she was assigned with enthusiasm and energy. She took direction well, was a quick study and demonstrated initiative. She contributed to the success of several design and marketing projects. She was a pleasure to have in the office.” -Lichten Craig

“[She] is the whole package. She had the production-level assets necessary to keep a good pace: organization and knowledge of programs to work at an ideal speed. While those are desired assets, her creative capabilities are really what put her over the edge. She comes to the table with ‘big thinking’ and challenges herself, and her team, to do the best.” -Salt Communications

“[He] is a very mature and strong designer. He is ready for the professional world. His skills, experience, and personal passion make him a very strong candidate for a design position. [He] is also very personable and diverse in his experience and interests. He looks to the design world for inspiration in ways that grow his skills well.” -Torque

“[She] was a pleasure to have on our team this semester. She was very responsive to the needs of our audience, providing useful suggestions and solutions in team discussions and in public interactions with visitors. [She] consistently worked diligently and efficiently to accomplish her assigned tasks. She maintained extremely positive rapport and collaboration with others, especially with one particular staff member with whom she was collaborating on a project. We'll be sorry to see her go!” -Teacher Programs Art Institute of Chicago

Additional Comments about Student

“We were thrilled with [her] contribution to our programming and will miss her! -Art Institute of Chicago

“It was wonderful working with [her]. She has the perfect disposition as far as working with others and having confidence in her own work. She also has a great sense of humor. She was a valuable addition to our crew.” -Jim Henson

“[She] successfully owned a large project from start to finish during her internship, affording her a very realistic very strong student and intern!” -Chicago Reader

“[She] has been wonderful to work with. She is prompt and polite. She engages actively in the tasks put in front of her as well as offering new ideas. This is especially remarkable since she spent a large portion of the time learning skills foreign to her. Any person or group would be lucky to have her assistance.” -Ali Seradge

“She is a delight to have around not only because she is a real help to the designers, but she has good observations and is not timid about bringing her viewpoints to the table.” -Jean Cattell (Field Museum)

“I was blown away by [her]. She delivered through and through and was a huge asset to my company.” -Michelle Hartney

“[He] was our first intern, and the experience with him leaves us with the desire to continue our internship program with SAIC. He also deserves the credit for scouting us to become an SAIC partner organization.” -Golden Apple Foundation

General Comments about Co-Op

“We love having SAIC interns! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to get more applicants in the future.” -Civic Consulting Alliance

“Love the program and have no advice to improve it!” -Layne Jackson

“We really enjoyed having an intern from SAIC and would like to continue working with the program! It has been a worthwhile experience.” -Rosengarten/Saunders

“I think this is a great program for the students. There's nothing like learning on the job and I wish I had an opportunity like this coming out of school. Keep up the great work!” -Bluecanvas

“I love our Co-op Program!” -Anne Wilson

“My experience with Co-Op has been wonderful. I will keep them in mind if there are any other opportunities that come up.” -Ali Seradge

"[She] is one of the best interns I've worked with and I would recommend her to anyone. She told me she was hungry for meaningful work experience when she started and she lived up to that, showing an incredible amount of initiative and commitment. If a communications or marketing role became available at IAA, I would hire [her] in a heartbeat." - Illinois Arts Alliance

"[She] was an excellent addition to our office. She worked very hard and took initiative to find things to do when all other tasks were completed.... [She] will do very will in this career—we were very happy to have her." - Gooch Design Studio

"It was a pleasure to work with [her] this semester. Not only was she a huge asset to myself and Jess LC but she was genuinely engaged throughout the internship.... I feel like Jess LC is better because she been a part of it."- Jess LC

"At ESS we look for interns who are self-motivated and flexible because we never know what kind of activities will arise each day. [He] has proven himself to be that, plus honest and responsible." - Experimental Sound Studio

"Her contribution[s] to Esperanza Art and Garden Program were above and beyond the responsibilities of an intern. SAIC should be proud to know that she represents everything that a student should have coming from such a fine school." - Esperanza Community Service

"We loved working with [her]. She has a warm and welcoming personality which is so important in a small community arts organization like ours.... She has brought us one step further in preserving our cultural history. Thanks [to our Co-op student] and SAIC!!" -Oak Park Art League

"[Our student] has been an excellent student to work with. He has performed a wide range of tasks and is quite talented and versatile in his abilities and willingness to learn. We are fortunate to work with students of his caliber and to continue working with students from SAIC." -Anchor Graphics, Columbia College Chicago

"She is a wonderful 'people person' and has integrated seamlessly with the staff and constituents.  We have offered [her] part-time employment and look forward to having her as a permanent employee.  We are very thankful for the opportunity to have participated in the Cooperative Education Program." -David Adler Cultural Center

"We all think [she] will be a fabulous addition to any design firm of her choosing and we will do anything we can to assist her as she pursues her design career." - Knoll Textiles

"I am a believer in the Co-op Program. The student gets an idea of what being an artist is like including all the various aspects of being a working artist." - Barbara Crane Photography

"[He] has been absolutely fantastic, so much so we're going to bring him on as a part-time employee!" -Shawnimals