There are three different types of payments offered through the Co-op Program:

  1. Employer-paid Positions
    Some Co-op employers offer a paid internship, with the rate of pay determined by each participating employer and generally set in the $7.50 to $12.00 per-hour range. When your employer pays you directly, you are responsible for following all of the guidelines your employer sets forth.
  2. The Federal Work-Study Program
    The employer must be a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization and agree to our matching requirement to be eligible for this payment arrangement. Wages are preset by the Co-op office at an hourly rate of $9.00 for undergraduates and $9.50 for graduate students. You will get paid through SAIC's student payroll system.
  3. Unpaid Co-op Positions
    Since the primary focus of the Co-op Program is to provide a valuable, arts-related learning experience for our students, the program does not exclude employers who are unable to offer paid Co-op work experiences. Many of these employers do provide students with other perks such as free lunches or sample merchandise.