III. Difference between Confidentiality and Privacy

Most SAIC employees, including faculty members, cannot maintain confidentiality because of legally-imposed reporting obligations. In these circumstances, SAIC is committed to maintain the privacy of the information shared. The terms “confidentiality” and “privacy” are defined below.


As used in this Policy, confidentiality refers to a legal obligation not to disclose information without the express written permission of the individual who provided the information, with certain exceptions, such as if there is a continuing threat of serious harm to self or others or another legal obligation to reveal such information (e.g., where there is suspected abuse or neglect of a minor). On SAIC’s campus, only the Confidential Advisor, professional counselors in Counseling Services and the nurses in the Wellness Center can maintain confidentiality.

Information shared with a Confidential Resource will not be disclosed to anyone, including the School, except under very limited circumstances. Any individual may choose to seek support from confidential professionals on or off campus.

On-campus Confidential Resources are Fatma Aydin, Confidential Advisor, the professional counselors in Counseling Services and the nurses in the Wellness Center. These services are provided to students. The Confidential Advisor provides support to students who have experienced sexual violence and they are not required to report information to the Title IX Coordinator. SAIC counselors are also not required to report any information about an incident to the Title IX Coordinator. Counseling Services may be reached at 312.499.4271, counselingservices@saic.edu. These resources will not report to the Title IX Coordinator any personally identifiable information about a student; however, they will provide aggregate data about incidents of sexual violence to the Title IX Coordinator. SAIC Health Services may be reached at 312.499.4288, healthservices@saic.edu. Fatma Aydin may be reached at 312.499.4282, faydin@saic.edu.

Off-campus Confidential Resources, including off-campus counselors, advocates, and health care providers, will also generally maintain confidentiality and not share information with SAIC unless the victim requests disclosure and signs a consent form. The Employee Assistance Program (800.311.4327) is available to faculty and staff. The contact information for these off-campus resources is listed above on the Resources page.


Privacy generally means that information related to a report will be shared with those SAIC employees who “need to know” in order to assist in the review, investigation, or resolution of the report. While not bound by confidentiality, these individuals will be discreet and respect the privacy of all individuals involved in the process. If an investigation is required, the information may also be shared with the alleged offender or others as required to conduct a complete and fair investigation. Although SAIC manages this information with discretion, it is not possible to guarantee confidentiality.

In contrast to Confidential Resources, all other SAIC faculty, staff*, Campus Security, and student Teaching Assistants and Resident Advisors are required to report information regarding Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, or Stalking to SAIC’s Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinators or their designees. This allows SAIC to provide resources and support to those who have experienced Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and/or Stalking and to take consistent action to respond to the report as set forth in this Policy. In these circumstances, SAIC is committed to maintain privacy. SAIC does not publicize the name of crime victims nor does it include identifiable information in Campus Security’s Daily Crime Log. For more information, please see the Annual Security Report.

*Cafeteria and maintenance workers are not responsible for making reports under this Policy.