Mandatory Online Courses

Incoming graduate students are required to utilize several online resources that we want to make you aware of and encourage you to visit at your earliest convenience.

Required Online Training: Sexual Assault Prevention and DiversityEdu

The graduate dean’s office is here to support and connect the diverse graduate student community. We want to see you thrive in this new chapter of your life. To help you prepare for your transition to the School, we have partnered with online learning resources to provide two required online training programs for all School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) graduate students: Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students and DiversityEdu. We are asking all grads to complete both Sexual Assault Prevention Part 1 and DiversityEdu by September 11.

About Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students

In an effort to continually provide the SAIC community with comprehensive safety measures, this course provides tailored sexual assault prevention training designed for graduate students. The course contains content that is required for students by pertinent federal and state regulations.

We understand that some students may be sensitive to the subject matter of this program. Participants are asked to play an active role in interacting with the course materials, which involves such subjects such as communication among partners, consent, coercion, red flags, bystander intervention, definitions, statistics, and vignettes. Feel free to reach out to our Director of Student Conflict Resolution Mike Blackman at, or 312.629.6725 if you do not feel comfortable completing Sexual Assault Prevention.

To take Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students:

  • Start the registration process. You can also find the link at
  • Login with your ARTIC account. Your login credentials are the same as your SAIC email.
  • Follow the prompts to create your account. Choose “Incoming Graduate Students” as your “group.”
  • Click Get Started to begin the course.
  • Your progress in the course will be saved and you may logout and log back in at any time to continue to complete the course.


About DiversityEdu

Among SAIC’s efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive campus, respectful of all identities, backgrounds, and ideas, is a campus-wide educational program, DiversityEdu. DiversityEdu aims to build your skills in engaging with difference, managing assumptions, recognizing privilege, identifying microaggressions, and helping you understand your role as a member of a diverse community. This course includes surveys throughout that will help you navigate your own experiences with diversity and your progress through the course. Responses are not recorded. DiversityEdu takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

To take DiversityEdu:

  • You may access the course beginning July 16.
  • Log into Canvas. Canvas is SAIC’s learning management software. Many of your courses will utilize Canvas for readings, assignments, and tests. Your login credentials are the same as your SAIC email. Visit for login help and other questions.
  • Click the DiversityEdu course. The course will pop up in a separate window. Make sure you have turned off pop-up blockers.


Graduate Division Resources

The Graduate Division’s website,, is a good first stop when searching for policies and forms, opportunities and grants, featured courses, information on the Graduate Advisory Panel, faculty profiles written specifically for grad students, and the Graduate Journal. The Graduate Journal is an online publication written by grads, for grads. Its focus is on helping build community and features articles, interviews, and thesis profiles.

Please contact if you have any questions about these resources.