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Here are some important links for SAIC students already living in the residence halls:


Intention Form Information

We hope everyone is having a productive and enjoyable semester at SAIC. It’s only the middle of the semester, but it’s already time to start thinking about the spring! Below you will find a link to the Spring 2019 Housing Intention Form. This form lets us know your housing plans for next semester.Every resident must submit this online form by Thursday, November 8, 2018, even if you are planning to stay in your current space.  It will be available on October 23rd, 2018, via the SAIC Engage Website. Within a week of completing the form, we will send you an email with more information based on your submission. You can only submit the online form once. If you would like to make changes after you have submitted the form, please visit the residence hall desk in your building or the main Residence Life office in the Sullivan Center to fill out an Intention Form Update.

We understand that plans sometimes change, and you may need to break your Housing Contract. Please indicate this on your Spring 2019 Housing Intention Form. If you mark option D (moving out of the residence hall) on your Intention Form, your space on campus will be forfeited for Spring. All students who break their Housing Contract will be assessed a $1300 Contract Breakage fee. If you are graduating or studying abroad with an SAIC exchange program, this fee does not apply. However, you must submit documentation to the Residence Life Office no later than December 7, 2018. Students who are moving out of the residence halls must complete a Check Out form by 5:00pm on December 18th. Spring 2019 housing and meal plan charges take effect on December 19. 

As single rooms open up during this process, they will be offered to candidates on the single room wait list. This list was started in March of 2018 and is continuously updated. If you wish to be on the single room wait list, please contact the Residence Life Office at

Do not hesitate to contact the professional staff in your building with questions:

Trina Tan (Jones Hall, 312.516.5490,

Danny Boucher (162 N. State St., 312.846.2121,

Liz Avery (The Buckingham & The Infinite Chicago, 312.629.6870,

Click here to complete your Spring 2019 Housing Intention Form



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